Triple Layer Glass Reactor Supplier: Pro Tips for Success


While doing experiments with precision, it is vital to have the right apparatus. Three-layer glass reactors are the most preferred choice by scientists and researchers because of their high efficiency, mixing abilities, and versatility. These reactors have a distinctive design with three layers of glass, which are used to heat or cool the liquid mixture in the reactor effectively and keep the temperature constant throughout the vessel.

Here, we will be sharing with you the top 5 triple layer glass reactor suppliers that provide high quality products to ensure the accuracy of the experiments. In addition, we’ll compare the triple-layer glass reactors with other types of reactors, examine the safety features that are incorporated, and conclude with our thoughts of which supplier is the best for your needs. Whether you have a viscous material that can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways or need a vacuum environment for your synthetic reactions, these suppliers can fulfill your needs.

GWSI (China)– Triple layer glass reactors
– Double layer reactors
– Single layer glass reactors
– Rotary evaporators
– Temperature control units
– 30+ years of experience
– Stainless steel construction for durability
– PTFE stirrers and lockable casters for convenience
– Endure up to 200°C
– Customizable options
Goel Scientific Glass Inc. (USA)– Triple layer glass reactors
– Glass reactor systems
– High-quality borosilicate glass for chemical resistance and thermal stability
– Heavy-duty stainless steel supports and PTFE outlets for durability and easy removal of reaction solution
– Effective temperature control with jacketed design
Chemglass Life Sciences LLC (USA)– Triple layer glass reactors
– Laboratory glassware
– New and improved open frame design for excellent accessibility
– High-quality borosilicate glass, heavy-duty stainless steel supports, and PTFE components for durability
– Graduated reactor jacket for precise monitoring
SG Labware (Singapore)– Laboratory Glassware includingtriple layer glass reactors
-Plastic ware
-Chemicals and Regent, Equipment
– High-quality borosilicate glass, stainless steel supports, and PTFE components for long-time durability
– Efficient mixing and precise temperature control
– Excellent customer support and technical expertise
BVV (USA)– Labware including glass reactors
– Chemical consumables
– High-quality borosilicate glass, stainless steel supports, and PTFE components for whole support of the glass reactor system
– Optimal performance with efficient mixing and precise temperature control
– Customization options to meet specific customer requirements
suppliers of triple-layer glass reactor

GWSI-Zhengzhou Greatwall Scientific Industrial and Trade Co, Ltd (China)

Recommendation: ☆☆☆☆☆

To B or C: B2C & B2B

Main Markets: North America, Europe, Australia and so on

GWSI-Zhengzhou Greatwall Scientific Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of glass triple-layer reactors of the highest quality in China. They are veterans with more than 20 years of experience in the field. They have many other reactors available, like double-layer reactors and one-layer glass reactors. They can make products to work with different thick materials and different temperature operations. The latter entails that they can be used in the synthetic reactions of different materials.

The most attractive feature of GWSI’s three-layered glass reactors is the fact that they are made from stainless steel, which is extremely robust.This ensures long-term durability. The reactor has PTFE stirrers and lockable casters as well. These are convenient for the movement. The jacketed reactors are capable of great temperature control. This is a way to quickly adjust the temperature of the reaction mixture. The GWSI glass reactors are also CE- and ETL-certified. They can endure up to 300°C of the high temperature. Thereby, the use of enzymes becomes a great tool for many chemical synthesis processes.

GWSI has been widely recognized for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. They have been a reliable and trusted supplier in the international market. They provide for the need to personalize to meet the exact customer requirements. Such glassware is comprised of standard types and explosion-proof glass reactors. A triple-layer glass reactor by GWSI is available in a variety of volumes, from 1L to 100L. This gives them a special advantage over other materials, which is that they can be used in precision experiments by scientists.


Goel Scientific Glass inc.(USA)

Recommendation: ☆☆☆☆

To B or C: B2C

Main Markets: North America, Europe, Asia

Goel Scientific Glass Inc. has a good reputation for jacketed glass reactor manufacturing. They are US-based. To them, the main focus is on producing 3 layer glass reactors and glass reactor systems of high grade. These can be used to do things of different types. The reactor vessels are jacketed with high borosilicate glass. This means that it has high chemical resistance as well as thermal stability.

The glass reactors of Goel Scientific are made in such a way that they are accurate and useful. The reactors are designed with a high level of strength. They are made of heavy-duty stainless steel, and they have PTFE outlets. This ease in the removal of the reaction solution makes the process of filtration easier. The jacketed design is very effective in stabilizing temperatures. The reactors, therefore, can be applied to diverse reactions and processes.

Goel Scientific Glass Inc. is a big player on all continents with a human population on them. They enjoy the market image of being the best and the most innovative. They rose to the top of the scientific glass fabricators due to this. They market their products and services to global customers.


Chemglass Life Sciences LLC (USA)

Recommendation: ☆☆☆☆☆

To B or C: B2C

Main Markets: North America, Europe

Chemglass Life Sciences LLC offers glass jacketed reactors as the most trusted provider in the USA. They do not only supply regular laboratory glassware but also other types of it. Chemglass encompasses a diverse line of triple layer glass reactors. These reactors find their way into many different uses. This includes chemical synthesis, process development, and scale-up for pilot production. The latest reactors of their double-jacketed type have an open frame design never seen before. This type of design ensures that the chemicals are able to move freely. With this feature, these reactors can be employed in the manufacturing of a variety of materials.

Chemglass’s jacketed reaction vessels are fabricated with the best borosilicate glass. The units feature a sturdy design with heavy duty stainless steel supports and PTFE parts. And the reactor jacket has both sides marked with graduated measurements. This permits the exact tracking of the course of the mixture. Furthermore, these jacketed glass reactors have lockable casters with heavy-duty. The casters are designed in such a way that they enable the reactors to be moved around easily. They do this by making sure that the reactors stay in position during the experiments as well.

SG Labware

SG Labware (Singapore)

Recommendation: ☆☆☆☆

To B or C: B2C

Main Markets: Asia, Europe, North America

SG Labware is a leading source of laboratory glassware and equipment. They are situated in Singapore. SG Labware provides a selection of glass reactors with triple layer and jacketed reactor vessels. These are used in various chemical processing industries. The cores are made from borosilicate glass, which is of high quality. They have a durable build with stainless steel support and PTFE components.This ensures long time durability.

As well, SG Labware’s triple layer reactors are engineered to accomplish the necessary mixing and temperature control. This is the reason they are widely used as catalysts for many types of synthetic reactions and processes. The jacketed glass vessel allows for the temperature regulation that is needed for the experiments to be accurate. Therefore, it assures the quality and reliability of the experiments. Also, SG Labware is characterized by a high level of customer support and technical knowledge. They assist customers in selecting the correct reactor in accordance with their particular application.



Recommendation: ☆☆☆☆☆

To B or C: B2C

Main Markets: North America, Europe, Asia

BVV is a famous distributor of lab supplies and glassware. They are based in the US. BVV provides a wide range of both triple layer glass and jacketed reaction vessels for different purposes. They are equipment for various chemical processing applications. The reactor is made of the high-grade borosilicate glass. They are also made of quality stainless steel with PTFE parts. This therefore offers a complete activation of glass reactor system.

Adding to that, BVV’s triple glass reactor layers are developed for the best operating conditions. They are capable of very efficient mixing and a very high degree of temperature control. By jacketing the vessel, very precise temperature control is achieved. This consequently creates uniformity of results and reproducibility. Furthermore, BVV is able to meet customers’ individual needs by offering a broad range of customized services. This alternative is intended to meet the particular needs of the customer. On that account, BVV’s reactors are suitable for various purposes, ranging from research to industrial application.

What Makes Triple-Layer Glass Reactors Different from Other Reactors?

Comparing triple-layer glass reactors with other types of reactors, including single-layer and two-layer glass reactors, structural differences are essential to be considered. The triple-layer glass reactor has an extra insulation layer, which is to be noted because it saves more energy and provides better temperature control than those with a single-layer and double-layer coating. This additional layer facilitates more efficient heating and cooling of the reaction mixture, so the triple-layered reactor becomes one of the best choices for various viscous materials and temperature-sensitive processes.

When it comes to performance, triple-layer glass reactors has some advantages over single-layer reactors and even double-layer reactors. This is one of the major advantages of the triple-layer design, which results in faster heating and cooling rates, as well as better temperature uniformity inside the reactor.

Moreover, the protection provided by the external jacket of triple-layer reactors is superior to the common corrosion resistance, thus, they are also applicable to the treatment of a wider variety of chemicals and solvents.

On the other hand, double jacketed glass vessels are more expensive and may also require more effort to clean because of their more complex structure. Finally, prospective users must decide between single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer glass reactor models, mainly depending on the application’s specific requirements and financial constraints.

Final Thoughts: Selecting the Right Jacketed Reactors

Selecting the right supplier of a triple layer glass reactor is key to the right outcome and safety of your experiments of such type. In this article, the top 5 suppliers to consider when purchasing lab glassware are GWSI-Zhengzhou Greatwall Scientific Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd., Goel Scientific Glass Inc., Chemglass Life Sciences LLC, SG Labware, and BVV. These suppliers provide top-quality items and excellent customer support to cater to your specific requirements.

In a supply choice, evaluate product quality, customization possibilities, safety features, and customer support. However, it is critical to compare the triple-layer glass reactors with other types of reactors to know which one is most appropriate for your application. Through a proper assessment of your options and a consequent selection of a reliable supplier, you will be able to protect your experiments from errors and make them secure, safe, and efficient, yielding accurate and repeatable results.

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