Water Circulating Vacuum Pump

Key Features

Our vacuum pumps offer reliability, durability, and performance for diverse applications.

GWSI Water Circulating Vacuum Pump

SHB-IIIG Water Circulating Vacuum Pump

Better corrosion resistance with longer service life.

Main Data

  • Model: SHB-IIIG
  • Power:180W
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 2KPa
  • Air Suction Amount: 10L/min
  • Water Tank Capacity: 15L

SHB-IV Water Circulating Vacuum Pump

Available for 4 operators to use it simultaneously.

Main Data

  • Model: SHB-IV
  • Power:250W
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 2KPa
  • Air Suction Amount: 10L/min
  • Water Tank Capacity: 18L

SHB-B95T Water Circulating Vacuum Pump

Fluorine rubber material gas pipeline for superior corrosion resistance.

Main Data

  • Model: SHB-B95T
  • Power:550W
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 2KPa
  • Air Suction Amount: 10L/min
  • Water Tank Capacity: 57L

Your Premium Water Circulating Vacuum Pump Manufacturer

GWSI is the leading water circulating vacuum pump manufacturer in China. We have been in the manufacturing industry for more than 34 years. GWSI has established a unique brand value with more than 200+ workers and engineers in lab equipment industry.

You can import glass reactors, rotary evaporators and more scientific instruments from GWSI. GWSI can provide one-stop solution for petroleum, chemical and more process need.

Water Circulating Vacuum Pump Manufacturing

As leading water circulating vacuum pump manufacturer, GWSI focus on each manufacturing step detail to ensure you receive a reliable water circulating vacuum pump.

There has laser cutting machine, auto production line and more equipment in GWSI factory to guarantee qualified water aspirator vacuum pump.

Water Circulating Vacuum Pump Quality Control

GWSI quality control is executed during the whole water circulating vacuum pump manufacturing process. GWSI will not let unqualified water circulating vacuum pump come to customer’s hand.

GWSI has dependent QC team to check and test water circulating vacuum pump from raw materials to final package step.

GWSI Water Circulating Vacuum Pump Manufacturing Capacity To Support Your Need


Water Circulating Vacuum Pump Workshop

Professional vacuum pump workshop


Water Circulating Vacuum Pump Cutting

precisely shape process


Water Circulating Vacuum Pump Technique

High technology drilling machine


Water Circulating Vacuum Pump Quality Check

Check quality carefully


Water Circulating Vacuum Pump Package

Anti-collison package for delivery


Water Circulating Vacuum Pump Delivery

Work with famous forwarder

Download Catalog
Download Catalog

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Water Circulating Vacuum Pump Complete Guide

What Is Water Circulating Vacuum Pump?


Water circulating vacuum pump also known as water ring vacuum pump, it is a kind of vacuum pump.

The water circulating vacuum pump improve the space and appearance with transparent anti-corrosion water tank, anti-corrosion shell and stainless steel shellaccording to the characteristics of the small laboratory area.

Water circulating vacuum pump feature in small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, etc.

The water circulating vacuum pump can also be used as a compressor, called a water ring compressor, it is a low pressure compressor.


How to Choose Water Circulating Vacuum Pump?


The working pressure of the water circulating vacuum pump should meet the ultimate vacuum and working pressure requirements of the vacuum equipment.

Usually, the vacuum degree of the water circulating pump is selected to be half to an order of magnitude higher than the vacuum degree of the vacuum equipment.

You should confirm the composition of the pumped gas, whether it contains condensable vapor, whether there is particle dust, and whether it is corrosive.

Correctly select the working point of the vacuum pump.

Each pump has a certain working pressure range, such as: 10-3~10-7mmHg, in such a wide pressure range, the pumping speed of the pump changes with the pressure, and its stable working pressure range is 5 × 10 -4~5×10-6mmHg.

Therefore, the working point of the pump should be selected within this range, and it cannot be allowed to work for a long time under 10-8mmHg.


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