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    GWSI Refrigerated Heating Circulator

    GWSI produces refrigerated heating circulators with a wide temperature range of -80 to 200 degrees. You can use it with glass reactors and other lab equipment.

    GWSI heating cooling circulator comes with a fully closed circulation system. Therefore, heat transfer fluid is not easy to volatilize and oxidize at high temperatures.

    Wide temperature control range.

    Suitable for chemical plant.

    Main Data

    • Model: ZT-20-200-80H
    • Temp Range: -80~200℃
    • Temp Stability: ±0.5℃
    • Pump Flow: 30l/min
    • Pump Pressure: 1bar

    Heating & cooling in shortest time.

    Suitable for smelter.

    Main Data

    • Model: ZTM-50-200-40
    • Temp Range: -40~200℃
    • Temp Stability: ±0.5℃
    • Pump Flow: 30l/min
    • Pump Pressure: 1bar

    Multi safety protection functions.

    Suitable for pharmaceutical factory.

    Main Data

    • Model: ZT-100-200-80H
    • Temp Range: -80~200℃
    • Temp Stability: ±0.5℃
    • Pump Flow: 40l/min
    • Pump Pressure: 1.2bar

    Your Premium Refrigerated Heating Circulator Manufacturer

    GWSI is a leading refrigerated heating circulator manufacturer in China. With 112+ inventions and utility model patents, GWSI has established authority over the scientific equipment industry.

    GWSI has been in this industry for 34 years now. We have 200+ workers and engineers to manufacture the best quality Recirculating Heater Chiller.

    Refrigerated Heating Circulator Manufacturing

    As a leading Recirculating Heater Chiller supplier, GWSI owns one of the most advanced factories in China to produce scientific instruments.

    There are latest manufacturing equipments and operating workers in GWSI factory to ensure you the most reliable Refrigerated Heating Circulator.

    Refrigerated Heating Circulator Quality Control

    You will not face technical problem with GWSI refrigerated heating circulator. GWSI’s manufacturing process is traceable for each processing step.

    GWSI QC team will test cooling and heating performance carefully to ensure you receive a perfect refrigerated heating circulator.

    GWSI Refrigerated Heating Circulator Manufacturing Capacity To Support Your Need


    Refrigerated Heating Circulator Workshop

    Large space modern workshop


    Refrigerated Heating Circulator Laser Cutting

    Precisely laser cutting 


    Refrigerated Heating Circulator Refrigerant

    Environmental friendly refrigerant


    Refrigerated Heating Circulator Quality Check

    Dynamic temperature control inspect


    Refrigerated Heating Circulator Package

    strong package materials


    Refrigerated Heating Circulator Delivery

    Worldwide delivery with reliable forwarder

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    What Is Refrigerated Heating Circulator?


    Refrigerated Heating Circulator also known as high & low temperature integrated machine, refrigeration heating integrated machine. It provides high and low temperature circulating liquid for equipment that needs to be cooled or heated, such as reactors.

    Refrigerated Heating Circulator provides heat or cold sources in accurately control status for reaction vessels through external circulation to achieve the required conditions for the reaction.

    Refrigerated Heating Circulator is widely used in organic synthesis, biology, pharmacy, food and other major scientific research and university laboratories.

    Refrigerated Heating Circulator feature in safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and convenient.

    You can choose explosion-proof types if your working condition is flammable and explosive.

    How Does Refrigerated Heating Circulator Work?


    Refrigerated Heating Circulator is a temperature control instrument that can perform cooling and heating functions.

    The refrigeration and heating circulator mainly uses circulating heating and cold and heat, and the fully closed circulating pipeline reduces the contact area of the heat transfer medium and reduces the loss of heat transfer oil.

    Refrigeration and heating circulators generally use heat transfer medium or refrigerant to perform refrigeration and heating cycles in pipeline circulation refrigeration and heating to achieve the temperature target change.

    The refrigerating and heating circulator is a fully enclosed circulating line temperature control. It does not need to replace the heat transfer medium at high or low temperature, and can directly cool down at 300 degrees to reach the required temperature.


    Why does the Refrigerated Heating Circulator make noise when working?


    When the Refrigerated Heating Circulator works under normal conditions, the noise is very small.

    You need to check the below reasons if there is big noise.

    Excessive Wear of Internal Parts of Refrigerated Heating Circulator

    Hydraulic pump valve is one of the parts that are easy to cause noise in the Refrigerated Heating Circulator.

    There are servo spools and flow pistons that control the hydraulic pump. If these two are worn, it will cause pressure fluctuations, resulting in greater vibration and noise at the pump outlet.

    When the Refrigerated Heating Circulator is working, the valve plate is worn or there are dirty deposits at the opening of the exhaust port will shorten the exhaust port, change the position of the exhaust port, and generate a lot of noise.

    The Hydraulic pump of the Refrigerated Heating Circulator Enters the Air

    If the liquid pump enters the air, it is easy to form air pockets, which will cause the oil to vibrate during transmission, thereby causing cavitation noise.

    If the filter inlet of the hydraulic pump is blocked, and the viscosity of the oil is too high, it is easy to cause the vacuum of the water inlet to be too high.

    After the air enters, the pipeline will fail and noise will be generated.

    In addition, the oil level cannot be lower than the bottom line, otherwise, the drainage pipe may be emptied, making the high and low temperature integrated machine produce noise.

    What are the multiple protection functions of the Refrigerated Heating Circulator?


    Refrigerated Heating Circulator is a laboratory equipment with dual functions of heating and cooling.

    This equipment is easy to operate, has good heat dissipation, efficient cooling and quiet operation.

    Here are the protection functions of refrigerated heating circulator.

    High Temperature Cooling

    At ultra-high temperature, the compressor can be directly used for refrigeration.

    It can be used for exothermic reaction at high temperature such as 200 °C without changing the medium.

    You can just use the compressor can control the temperature and take away excess heat.

    Wide Temperature Range

    A wide range of system temperature control from -120℃ to 300℃ can be achieved with a single heat transfer medium.

    Temperature information will be transmitted in real time at the temperature measurement points at the liquid inlet and outlet and the material.

    When the temperature difference is large, the control system will immediately issue an exothermic and endothermic reaction to precisely control the temperature of the heat transfer medium within ±0.3°C.

    Heating Protection

    After the control protection of the controller body fails, the temperature exceeds the temperature value set by the deviation protector in the system, and the power supply of the solid state relay will be cut off.

    The independent temperature limiter does its job after the protector fails.

    With this triple protection, there will be no high temperature overshoot.



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