A Manufacturer of Rotary Evaporators, Glass Reactors, Vacuum Pumps and TCUs

Zhengzhou Greatwall Scientific Industrial and Trade Co, Ltd (GWSI) manufactures glass reactors, rotary evaporators, temperature control instruments, and vauum pumps for laboratory and industrial applications. Offering you one-stop solutions, we handle OEM customization using high-end components to guarantee optimum functioning.

  • 30+ Years Experience
  • 90+ Patents
  • ODM/OEM Service
  • One-stop Solution

Featured Products

GWSI produces rotary evaporators, glass reactors, temperature control units and vacuum pumps for heating, distilling and mixing liquids. Every component used for our products is of premium material and has been tested to guarantee longer service life.

  • Rotary Evaporators

    Laboratory Rotary Evaporator

    Up to 2L

    Large Rotary Evaporator

    5L  10L  20L

    Industrial Rotary Evaporator


  • Glass Reactors

    GWSI glass reactors provide a stable and long-lasting vessel for chemical synthesis and other processes. We offer 1L to 100L volume glass reactors as well as different add-ons for laboratory or industrial applications.

  • TCU

    Temperature Control Unit

    Used to heat, cool, and manage the temperature of fluid for a specified task, temperature control units act as vital pieces in several industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial fields.

  • pump

    Vacuum Pumps

    Our vacuum pumps are designed for drying, evaporation, distillation, crystallization, and filtration pressure purposes. Suitable for colleges, universities, chemical, research institutes, food, and agriculture.

Your Benefits

Operating for longer periods under extreme conditions, our temperature control products reach your markets with their quality-assured safety features that minimize maintenance costs.

  • Professional Consultation

    Our experts offer experience and data-based advice about our product line.

  • OEM & ODM Service

    We follow your specifications and ideas in formulating long-running temperature control products.

  • Quality Products

    Meeting strict standards, our product line has been inspected for flaws and optimized to function.

  • Proved Safety

    From over-temperature alarms to overload protection, our products are for safe lab and industry uses.

  • Cost-saving

    Through our control over the production and the long service of our product line, you will spend less.

  • On-time Response

    Within 24 hours, we provide an immediate reply to all of your questions and prioritize requests.

Professional And Reliable Manufacturing

Glass assembly and the installation of key components such as water baths and machine heads are joined with appearance inspections to confirm the safety and cleanliness of our product line.

  • Parts assembly

    We put together the housing unit of the evaporators that will serve to hold other smaller part.
  • Electrical part assembly, bath assembly

    We connect the water bath, wiring, and other parts of the evaporator.
  • Glass assembly installation

    We connect the flasks, condenser, and other glass components of the evaporator to the housing.
  • Performance and electrical safety test

    The rotation performance and electrical components are inspected. Our engineers also ensure the vacuum performance of the flask can reach 0.002MPa.
  • Packing and shipping

    We dismantle the evaporators to properly place each component in the packaging and ship it out to customer

Stringent Quality Control

In compliance with ISO9001 standards, we maintain strict quality control through tests to determine product strengths and maximize functionality.

  • Glass Quality Test
  • Pressure Test
  • Sealing Performance Test
  • Operation Performance Test
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Why Choose GWSI

Taking over 100 projects in worldwide markets, GWSI’s line of evaporators and reactors work well for laboratory settings. We also provide temperature control units that are easy to use for industrial applications.

  • 30+ Years Experience

    Since 1988, our team combines machinery with reliable R&D to offer products based on market trends.

  • One-stop solution

    We produce a complete line of temperature control equipment for laboratory and industry applications.

  • Patent Products

    Patenting our products minimizes plagiarism by competitors and secures your rights to our product line.

  • Customization Service

    We customize accessories and provide more options for better heating and cooling effects.

  • Premium Materials

    Importing quality raw materials results in more functional, long-lasting equipment for your applications.

  • Strict Quality Control

    We trust only qualified suppliers and conduct thorough inspections of materials and components.

  • Quick Delivery

    In less than 30 days, we are able to deliver customized orders within your schedule to meet demands.

  • Respond Within 24 Hours

    We respond quickly to immediately comply with your requests and provide timely updates.

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Read updates on the company and our projects in our blogs. Detailing a comprehensive record of our successes and industry standards.

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