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Suitable for Pharmacy Pilot Test

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    GWSI Pilot Glass Reactor

    You can run the pilot experiment with GWSI pilot glass reactor in complex applications. GWSI is CE rated glass reactor manufactuer with wide range of glass reactor to choose. You can even customize the glass reactor system if you need.

    GWSI 20L Pilot Glass Reactor has reliable performance.

    Suitable for Pilot Test.

    Function: Synthesizing and more

    Main Data

    • Model: GR-20CE
    • Vessel Capacity: 20L
    • Jacket Capacity: 9L
    • Stirring Speed: 20-500rpm

    GWSI 50L Piot Glass Reactor  has 50L capacity

    Suitable for Semiconductor Industry.

    Function: Synthesizing and more

    Main Data

    • Model: GR-50CE
    • Vessel Capacity: 50L
    • Jacket Capacity: 13L
    • Stirring Speed: 20-500rpm

    GWSI 100L Pilot Glass Reactor meet CE certification.

    Suitable for Fertilizer industry.

    Function: Synthesizing and more

    Main Data

    • Model: GR-100CE
    • Vessel Capacity: 100L
    • Jacket Capacity: 30L
    • Stirring Speed: 50-100rpm

    Lifting Speed Regulating Glass Reactor

    GWSI GRL-10 Pilot Glass Reactor is easy to adjust its position.

    Main Data

    • Model: GRL-10
    • Vessel Capacity: 10L
    • Jacket Capacity: 8L
    • Stirring Speed: 20-500rpm

    GRL-20 Pilot Glass Reactor has smooth structure.

    Main Data

    • Model: GRL-20
    • Vessel Capacity: 20L
    • Jacket Capacity: 9L
    • Stirring Speed: 20-500rpm

    GRL-50 Pilot Glass Reactor composed of brands components.

    Main Data

    • Model: GRL-50
    • Vessel Capacity: 50L
    • Jacket Capacity: 13L
    • Stirring Speed: 50-100rpm

    Explosion Proof Glass Reactor

    GWSI GR-5Ex Pilot Glass Reactor is suitable for sensitive conditions.

    Main Data

    • Model: GR-5Ex
    • Vessel Capacity: 5L
    • Jacket Capacity: 3L
    • Stirring Speed: 20-500rpm

    GR-10Ex Pilot Glass Reactor has got CE TUV certifications.

    Main Data

    • Model: GR-10Ex
    • Vessel Capacity: 10L
    • Jacket Capacity: 8L
    • Stirring Speed: 20-500rpm

    GR-50Ex Pilot Glass Reactor help you make complex reactions.

    Main Data

    • Model: GR-50Ex
    • Vessel Capacity: 50L
    • Jacket Capacity: 13L
    • Stirring Speed: 50-100rpm

    Your Premium Pilot Glass Reactor Manufacturer

    GWSI started to manufacture pilot glass reactor in 1988 and now we have full series of pilot glass reactor to help you run stable experiments. GWSI has independent workshop with advanced machine to ensure higher efficiency.

    You can visit our factory to check how we produce and ensure the quality for your pilot glass reactor. Just contact GWSI to get the latest price now.

    Pilot Glass Reactor Processing Machine

    GWSI has installed complete pilot glass reactor manufacturing plant in our factory to produce qualified pilot reactor in high quality standard. You can get the CE rated glass reactor from GWSI with affordable price.

    GWSI is premier pilot glass reactor manufacturer and trusted by 2000+ clients since 1988. Just send us your inquiry to start your sourcing now. 

    Pilot Glass Reactor Quality Control

    GWSI source first grade glassware and components from famous brands supplier and we even inspect evey piece of raw materials before production.

    You will find our pilot glass reactor in smooth appearance and reliable performance during your reaction process.

    Pilot Glass Reactor Application

    Pilot Pilot Glass Reactor For Laboratory Reaction

    GWSI pilot glass reactor is very suitable for laboratory related applications. You can also use it in the university to teach how to use it for chemical experiments.

    You will save much cost and time when importing pilot glass reactor from GWSI. Just discuss with our support team for your need now.

    Pilot Glass Reactor For Pharmaceutical

    You can use GWSI pilot glass reactor for Pharmaceutical and more cases. GWSI has helped hundrends of pharmaceutical factories develop drug and capsule, etc 

    GWSI Pilot Glass Reactor Manufacturing Capacity To Support Your Need


    Pilot Glass Reactor Workshop

    Large & modern workshop


    Pilot Glass Reactor Materials

    Highest grade raw materials


    Pilot Glass Reactor Structure

    Strong & stable structure


    Pilot Glass Reactor Quality Check

    Complete Glass Reactor QC


    Pilot Glass Reactor Package

    Thickened foam package


    Pilot Glass Reactor Component

    Accessories available for long time

    Download Catalog
    Download Catalog

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