How Does A Chiller Work

A Chiller is a machine which is used to reduce the temperature of the medium ( water ) or cooling the water by vapour compression or vapour absorption system. A chiller mainly includes compressor, condenser, expansion device and evaporator.

Compressor is major component of refrigeration unit, freon gas used as refrigerant. Compressor is used to pump the Freon gas through out the circuit & compresses the Freon gas to high pressure and high temperature. Refrigerant condition at the outlet of compressor: high pressure & high temperature

Condenser reduces the temperature of the refrigerant ( freon gas ) from high temperature to low temperature with a desired pressure. Condenser can be of air cooled / water cooled. Refrigerant condition from the outlet of condenser: high pressure & low temperature.

Expansion device is also called as throttle valve which reduces the pressure of refrigerant ( freon gas ) from high pressure to low pressure by passing through a narrow space, thereby reduces the temperature of refrigerant ( freon gas ) still further. Normally used throttle device is capillary tubes which is shown in image. Refrigerant condition at the outlet of throttle valve: low pressure & log temperature Evaporator is a place where actual heat exchange takes place. Refrigerant from throttle valve reaches evaporator and cools the water. Refrigerant condition at the outlet of the evaporator: normal pressure & temperature.

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