Laboratory refrigeration equipment application

The structure of the refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment is a combination of a chiller and a facility that uses cold capacity. Different refrigeration methods use different equipment. At present, the most widely used is vapor compression refrigeration. The main equipments are compressors (see fluid transfer machines), condensers, evaporators and throttle valves.

Application for the refrigeration equipment

At present, with the rapid development of China’s food, medicine and other industries, refrigeration equipment as an essential laboratory instrument, its demand continues to grow. Refrigeration equipment including freezer, chromatography refrigerator, ice machine, freeze dryer, freeze dryer, chiller, cryostat, etc. have been widely distributed in major laboratories, plastics industry, electronics industry, electroplating industry, machinery industry, construction industry, vacuum coating, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Two ways for the cooling method

As refrigeration equipment, the cooling methods of such instruments mainly include direct cooling and indirect cooling. Direct cooling has the advantages of fast cooling speed, small heat transfer temperature difference, and relatively simple system, and thus has been widely used. Zhengzhou Greatwall Scientific Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd. can produce recirculating chillers which can be used with rotary evaporators, glass reactors, biological fermenters, Atomic absorptions, ICP-MS, Nuclear Magnetic Resonances, chemical reaction vessels, etc.

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