Top 10 Rotary Evaporator Manufacturers 2024


In the constantly evolving landscape of laboratory equipment, choosing the right rotary evaporator is pivotal for efficient and accurate distillation. Before diving into the specifics of each manufacturer, it’s important to know what makes a great rotary evaporator. Look for ease of use, digital displays, precision in temperature control, and durable PTFE sealing. High efficiency in solvent evaporation, especially in separation applications, is key to excellent performance.

GWSI-rotaru evaporator manufacturer

Zhengzhou Greatwall Scientific Industrial and Trade Co, Ltd (GWSI) (China)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1988

Main Markets: Asia, Europe, North America

Certifications: ISO 9001, CE

Renowned as a distinguished rotary evaporator manufacturer, GWSI has cemented its status at the forefront of laboratory equipment innovation. Since its inception in 1988, GWSI has not only dominated the Chinese market but has also made substantial inroads into international territories, particularly in Asia, Europe, and North America. This trajectory of growth and expansion is underpinned by their unwavering adherence to ISO 9001 and CE certifications, reflecting a commitment to unparalleled quality and reliability.

GWSI’s array of rotary evaporators is a testament to their mastery of marrying precision with durability. The meticulous design of these evaporators ensures superior condensation efficiency, a feature that is bound to captivate even the most critical and discerning of chemists. This precision instrument, engineered to endure the demanding environments of continuous laboratory work, boasts a robustness that is quintessential for long-term operational reliability.

At the heart of GWSI’s technological prowess lies their advanced heating mechanisms. These systems are designed to ensure uniform heat distribution, which is pivotal in maximizing solvent recovery while maintaining consistency across repeated procedures. Furthermore, their rotary evaporators are equipped with a user-friendly digital display, facilitating an effortless monitoring experience akin to a routine morning ritual. Complementing these evaporators is a comprehensive range of accessories, including high-grade flasks and vacuum pumps. These components are seamlessly integrated, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of the evaporation process. The synergy between GWSI’s rotary evaporators and their auxiliary equipment epitomizes their commitment to delivering holistic and superior laboratory solutions.

Buchi rotary evaporator

Buchi (Switzerland)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1939

Main Markets: Worldwide

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Buchi, an eminent name in the realm of laboratory technology, has been epitomizing Swiss precision and innovation for over eight decades. Esteemed globally for their adherence to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, Buchi has established itself as a paragon in the field of rotary evaporator manufacturing. Their Rotavapor systems, a cornerstone in R&D labs worldwide, are not just instruments but symbols of unrivaled quality and enduring reliability.

In the laboratories of pharmaceutical and chemical research, where precision is paramount, Buchi’s rotary evaporators serve as integral tools. These units excel in their capacity to concentrate, dry, and separate materials with meticulous accuracy. Featuring state-of-the-art PTFE sealing, Buchi’s evaporators ensure that no solvent escapes their confines, thereby maximizing safety and efficiency.

What sets Buchi apart is the fusion of their rotary evaporators with advanced technology. Digital displays and intuitive interfaces converge, creating an evaporation process that is not just exact but also intuitively operable. This harmonious integration of design and functionality makes Buchi’s equipment indispensable in the ever-evolving landscapes of medicinal chemistry and petrochemical fields. The Rotavapor systems, renowned for their flexibility and adaptability, cater to a spectrum of applications, from preparative chromatography to freeze drying, underscoring Buchi’s commitment to not just meeting but exceeding the diverse needs of the scientific community.

Heidolph rotary evaporator

Heidolph Instruments (Germany)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1938

Main Markets: Global

Certifications: ISO 9001

Heidolph Instruments, a globally recognized leader in laboratory equipment, represents the pinnacle of German engineering excellence. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to service excellence and smart solutions, Heidolph has been instrumental in advancing scientific research and industrial applications in over 80 countries. Their products play a vital role in diverse sectors, ranging from healthcare to technological material development, by enabling groundbreaking work in disease alleviation, food safety, and quality assurance.

At the core of Heidolph’s product lineup is the Hei-VAP series of rotary evaporators, meticulously developed in collaboration with users. These systems exemplify the essence of practical innovation, focusing on essential features and functions that ease everyday laboratory work. The Hei-VAP series is distinguished by its versatile combination with glassware and extensive accessories, ensuring that each configuration is perfectly tailored to specific application needs. Additionally, Heidolph offers perfectly matched peripherals, creating complete systems that are unparalleled in quality and efficiency.

Embodying ‘quality without compromise’, each Heidolph evaporator undergoes rigorous multi-level quality control, ensuring an average life expectancy of over ten years. The company’s confidence in its products is further reflected in their generous three-year warranty. These evaporators are equipped with maintenance-free, powerful engines, ensuring the highest reliability and precision in every operation. Heidolph’s dedication to simplicity and efficiency is evident in their smart solutions, including user-friendly motor lifts and intuitive digital displays, which make the complex process of rotary evaporation straightforward and precise.


Asynt (United Kingdom)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 2003

Main Markets: Europe, North America

Certifications: ISO 9001

Asynt, a relatively nascent yet formidable player in the realm of rotary evaporator manufacturers, has swiftly ascended in the industry, distinguishing itself through a blend of pioneering innovation and exemplary customer service. Since its inception in 2003, Asynt has not merely adhered to but has transcended the rigorous standards of ISO 9001 certification, thereby earning a well-deserved reputation for quality and reliability.

At the heart of Asynt’s product line lies their advanced rotary evaporators, engineered to redefine the paradigms of distillation processes. These evaporators amalgamate user-centric interfaces with state-of-the-art digital displays, thereby enabling laboratory professionals to execute solvent separations and evaporation with unparalleled precision and ease. The design of these systems reflects a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of condensation and evaporation, ensuring that every phase of distillation is executed with flawless accuracy.

What truly sets Asynt apart is their unwavering commitment to customization. Recognizing the unique and diverse demands of laboratories, they offer tailor-made solutions that seamlessly integrate into any specific application or spatial requirement. Whether it is their compact design that ingeniously fits into space-constrained labs or their scalable systems designed to accommodate increasing throughput demands, Asynt’s rotary evaporators epitomize versatility and adaptability. This commitment to meeting the bespoke needs of their clients, coupled with their dedication to durability and efficacy, positions Asynt as a luminary in the field of laboratory equipment and rotary evaporator technology.

IKA rotary evaporator


Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆½

Founding Year: 1910

Main Markets: Worldwide

Certifications: ISO 9001

In the realm of rotary evaporator manufacturing, IKA has emerged as a vanguard, orchestrating a synthesis of innovation and precision since its inception in 1910. This esteemed establishment, headquartered in the USA, has burgeoned into a global force, serving an elite clientele that includes industry giants like BASF, Bayer, and Procter & Gamble. IKA’s commitment to crafting exemplary laboratory solutions is not just a business strategy but a testament to their credo: “Designed to work perfectly.”

The IKA suite of rotary evaporators, encompassing models like RV 3, RV 8, RV 10 digital, RV 10 auto, and RV 10 auto pro, epitomizes excellence in distillation technology. These award-winning designs are not merely instruments but beacons of efficiency and user-centricity. Each model is an amalgamation of superior design, advanced technological integration, and unparalleled value for money, tailored specifically to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of diverse laboratory environments.

At the forefront of IKA’s innovative prowess is their adept handling of heating and evaporation processes. Their evaporators are engineered to optimize the treatment of solvents, ensuring precise temperature control and uniform heat distribution—critical factors in achieving efficient solvent recovery. This meticulous attention to detail extends to the food industry and other sectors where exacting standards are imperative. IKA, through its relentless pursuit of perfection, has not only cemented its position as a premier rotary evaporator factory but also as a cornerstone in the advancement of scientific research and industrial development.

Yamato rotary evaporator

Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆½

Founding Year: 1889

Main Markets: Global

Certifications: ISO 9001

Yamato Scientific, a luminary in the sphere of scientific instrumentation, has its roots deeply entrenched in Japanese heritage and innovation. Founded in 1889, this Japanese manufacturer has evolved from a specialist in medical glass to a vanguard in the production of advanced scientific and laboratory instruments, including highly sophisticated rotary evaporators. The company’s impressive array of certifications, encompassing ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, and ISO/IEC 17025:2017, underscores its unwavering commitment to quality and environmental management in its offerings.

Yamato’s rotary evaporators embody a perfect amalgamation of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. These evaporators are acclaimed for their intuitive operability and wide rotation speed range, catering to diverse scientific needs with precision. The design integrates a unique liquid accumulation prevention structure, enhancing the durability of the vacuum seal, a critical aspect often overlooked in standard designs. Furthermore, the inclusion of condenser insulation as standard equipment, along with a patent-pending sample introduction tube cover in certain models, reflects Yamato’s meticulous attention to detail and innovation in ensuring efficient and reliable evaporation processes.

SCILOGEX Rotary Evaporator


Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 2008

Main Markets: North America, Europe

Certifications: CE, ISO 9001

SCILOGEX, a prominent entity among rotary evaporator manufacturers, has carved a niche for itself, particularly in the Western Hemisphere. Endowed with prestigious certifications like CE and ISO 9001, SCILOGEX is the epitome of reliability fused with innovative prowess. This blend is not merely a hallmark of their brand; it’s a commitment to elevating laboratory practices.

The rotary evaporators from SCILOGEX are the embodiment of cutting-edge laboratory equipment. These devices boast digital and LCD & LED displays for meticulous control of temperature, rotation speed, and time, embodying precision in every aspect. Coupled with motorized towers, these evaporators range from 5L to 20L capacities, offering versatility for diverse research needs. The hallmark of their design is the PTFE sealing, a testament to their dedication to chemical resistance and durability. It’s this attention to detail that positions SCILOGEX as a frontrunner in facilitating high-efficiency solvent evaporation, making them indispensable in fields ranging from everyday chemistry to the intricate requirements of petrochemical industries.

SCILOGEX’s prowess extends beyond mere equipment design. Their approach to laboratory solutions is holistic, offering a spectrum of instruments, including the STORM diaphragm vacuum pumps. These pumps, with all contact surfaces PTFE-coated, are robust, chemically resistant, and suitable for a variety of mid-range vacuum applications, including those in challenging environments like cell culture decontamination. This comprehensive range of products, underlined by user-friendly features and adherence to the highest quality standards, encapsulates SCILOGEX’s philosophy: to advance scientific endeavors through innovative, reliable, and accessible technology.

Ecodyst Rotary evaporator

Ecodyst (USA)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Main Markets: North America, worldwide

Ecodyst has positioned itself as a pioneering entity in the realm of rotary evaporator manufacturing, revolutionizing the domain through its avant-garde technological innovations. Renowned for their commitment to environmental sustainability and heightened efficiency, Ecodyst has redefined the standards in rotary evaporation, applicable to a diverse range of processes including distillation, purification, and winterization, both in laboratory and industrial contexts. The hallmark of Ecodyst’s approach lies in their trailblazing refrigerated cooling technology, establishing them as a leader in eco-friendly and efficient temperature regulation for solvent evaporation and separation tasks.

Central to Ecodyst’s innovative portfolio are their patented high-speed evaporators, exemplars of cutting-edge technology. These systems feature uniquely designed self-cooling condensers, either metal or Teflon-coated, which obviate the conventional reliance on water or dry ice. This tankless cooling mechanism not only guarantees uninterrupted service and sustainable temperature management but also significantly amplifies operational productivity. Capable of achieving temperatures as low as -40ºC in less than a minute and maintaining them with remarkable consistency, these evaporators set new benchmarks in terms of efficiency. Furthermore, the integration of this eco-efficient technology substantially diminishes the equipment’s physical footprint and concurrently reduces operational expenses, positioning Ecodyst as a forerunner in cost-effective and environmentally responsible laboratory solutions. Each system crafted by Ecodyst is a testament to this philosophy, not just as a mere instrument but as a beacon of groundbreaking improvement and exceptional craftsmanship. This commitment to transformative development firmly establishes Ecodyst as an innovator and leader in the rotary evaporator manufacturing landscape.

Steroglass rotary evaporator

Steroglass (Italy)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1959

Main Markets: Worldwide

Certifications: ISO 9001, CE

Steroglass stands at the forefront of innovation among rotary evaporator manufacturers, with a legacy that dates back to 1959. Founded by Luigi Falocci, Steroglass initially captivated the chemical industry with its unique blown glass products. Today, under the stewardship of his sons Stefano and Roberto, the company has flourished into a global leader, especially in the realms of chemical, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage sectors. Their commitment to designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art borosilicate glass lab equipment and instrumentation is underscored by prestigious certifications such as ISO 9001 and CE.

The epitome of their innovative prowess is the STRIKE 300, a laboratory rotary evaporator that is a confluence of safety and performance optimization. This system has been meticulously engineered to ensure maximum protection for both the user and the working environment, thanks to its transparent protective shield that guards against moving and heated parts. The absence of maintenance requirements in its mechanical sealing system affirms a consistent vacuum-tight seal, a crucial aspect for effective distillations and solvent separations. Enhanced by a microprocessor equipped with an LCD interface and touchscreen, the STRIKE 300 allows for multi-programming capabilities, enabling precise control and modification of all operational parameters. This model is also equipped with a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) system, an automatic mechanical device for lifting the glassware-motor group, and the option to connect a vacuum controller or temperature probe, making it a paragon of modern laboratory equipment.

AGI Glassplant rotary evaporator

AGI Glassplant (Japan)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆½

Founding Year: 1950

Main Markets: Global

Established in 1950, AGI Glassplant has etched its name as a pioneering force among global rotary evaporator manufacturers. With a rich heritage rooted in Omuta, Japan, and a vast network of subsidiary offices and distributors worldwide, AGI Glassplant has become synonymous with excellence in the design and manufacture of premium-quality laboratory equipment. Their expertise is highly sought after in diverse sectors, including academia, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and the food and fragrance industries, among others. AGI Glassplant’s commitment to innovation and quality resonates through their extensive product range that encompasses reaction, filtration, concentration, evaporation, and distillation solutions, along with bespoke offerings tailored to specific client requirements.

The AGI Rotary Evaporator is a quintessential example of their industrial-grade manufacturing prowess. Designed for high-capacity and high-performance applications, these rotary evaporators are the epitome of durability and superior design. The robust construction and use of heavy-duty materials make them ideal for the relentless demands of industrial operations. With capacities ranging from 20 L to an impressive 200 L—the largest in the world—AGI’s rotary evaporators are adept at handling demanding evaporation processes. Their ability to operate continuously in industrial environments is a testament to their reliability in conducting efficient distillations and solvent separations. This blend of high capacity, exceptional design, and consistent performance makes AGI Glassplant’s rotary evaporators a top choice for laboratories seeking equipment that meets the rigorous demands of varied and intensive applications.

Rotary Evaporator Applications in Industry and Research

Stepping into the domain of rotary evaporators, we often ponder their roles. So, why do they garner such acclaim? The answer lies in their applications, sprawling across industries and research facilities alike.

In the realm of medicinal chemistry, rotary evaporators are the unsung heroes. They are pivotal in drug development, purifying chemicals to the nth degree. For the food industry, think of them as flavor saviors, delicately extracting essences without the loss of subtlety. And in petrochemical fields—those behemoths of industry—rotary evaporators streamline the purification and separation processes that are the backbone of product development.

The academic and research sectors are not to be overlooked. From undergraduate teaching labs to cutting-edge research in universities, rotary evaporators are gateways to discovery. They afford researchers the ability to reliably repeat experiments, prove hypotheses, and push the envelope of scientific knowledge.

Therefore, given their wide-ranging applications, selecting a reliable and experienced manufacturer like GWSI is vital. With years of specialized manufacturing experience and rigorous quality control, GWSI ensures that laboratories globally are equipped with rotary evaporators that meet their specific needs in terms of quality, precision, and durability.

Customization and Flexible Solutions for Evaporation Needs

Customization can also be a crucial part when it comes to fulfilling distinct laboratory needs. These days, there are increasing ecologically demanding tests, as well as more experiments that need to be duplicated, making flexible solutions no longer a luxury but a necessity.

For instance, some labs may require a rotary evaporator that’s capable of handling high-volume samples, whereas others might prioritize speed or a footprint that doesn’t overwhelm their bench space. There are also considerations such as user-friendliness, digital displays, and even the capacity to integrate with existing systems. These are not mere features; they’re the building blocks for efficiency.

The manufacturers on our list recognize this. They not only produce top-of-the-line standard models but also offer customizable options. From additional flasks varying in size to programmable vacuum pumps tailored for specific solvent evaporation processes, the ability to adapt and attune equipment empowers labs to step up their game.

Final Thoughts

As our lab coats flutter in the wake of progress, it’s clear that the industry’s heart beats strongest in the chambers of innovation offered by top rotary evaporator manufacturers. With an eye on the future, these companies continue to evolve, pushing the frontiers of what’s possible in evaporation technology.

Our selected ten rotary evaporator manufacturers of 2024 have exemplified exactly what it takes to lead in this market: precision, efficiency, flexibility, and an unwavering commitment to quality. So whether you’re distilling solvents or refining products, remember that choosing the right manufacturer is just as important as the process itself.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re set to make an informed decision, aligning with a manufacturer that resonates with your vision of cutting-edge research and quality results. Hence, take the leap, harness the power of these technological maestros, and watch as the boundaries of science are pushed in your laboratory.

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