Recirculating Chillers

Our recirculating chillers provide reliable cooling solutions for laboratory applications, featuring a full hermetic compressor and meeting international environmental refrigerant standards for energy-efficient operation.

Key Features

Designed for ease of use and maintenance, our recirculating chillers deliver effective cooling solutions for your laboratory needs.

GWSI Recirculating Chillers

Runnning in low noise with reliable performance.

Suitable for CBD extraction.

Main Data

  • Temp Range: -30~5℃
  • Temp Stability: ±2℃
  • Pump Flow: 20l/min
  • Pump Pressure: 0.4bar

Equipped with filter device to avoid pipe blockage.

Suitable for resin synthesis.

Main Data

  • Temp Range: -30~5℃
  • Temp Stability: ±2℃
  • Pump Flow: 20l/min
  • Pump Pressure: 0.4bar

You can see the liquid level in the reservoir inside.

Suitable for laboratory synthesis reaction.

Main Data

  • Temp Range: -30~5℃
    Temp Stability: ±2℃
    Pump Flow: 20l/min
    Pump Pressure: 0.4bar

Use CFC-free green refrigerant meet international standard.

Suitable for laboratory synthesis reaction.

Main Data

  • Temp Range: -30~5℃
  • Temp Stability: ±2℃
  • Pump Flow: 20l/min
  • Pump Pressure: 0.4bar

Superior circulatory system to avoid refrigerant volatilization.

Suitable for biological fermentation.

Main Data

  • Temp Range: -15~25℃
  • Temp Stability: ±2℃
  • Pump Flow: 17l/min
  • Pump Pressure: 0.2bar

International brands compressor with CE certification.

Suitable for metallurgy.

Main Data

  • Temp Range: -20~25℃
  • Temp Stability: ±2℃
  • Pump Flow: 20l/min
  • Pump Pressure: 0.4bar

Your Premium Recirculating Chillers Manufacturer

GWSI is a reputed recirculating chillers manufacturer in China. We have been in the industry for 34 years. You can import smart lab recirculating chillers with unique features from GWSI. You can buy recirculating chillers that provide different temperature ranges to suit for rotary evaporators and glass reactors.

Hundreds of reputable companies in industries like food processing, healthcare, chemical, new materials, battery testing and health care are leveraging our Laboratory Chiller.

Recirculating Chillers Manufacturing

GWSI produce recirculating chillers with international brands components to enusre reliable performance. GWSI workers has experience on assembling & test recirculating chillers.

Recirculating Chillers Quality Control

GWSI design lab recirculating chiller with your requirements in mind. You will receive a well structured and 100% eco-friendly recirculating chiller.

GWSI recirculating chillers meet international environmental protection standards and have exported lab chillers worldwide. 

GWSI Recirculating Chillers Manufacturing Capacity To Support Your Need


Recirculating Chillers Factory

Large professional workshop


Recirculating Chillers Eco Refrigerant

Environmental friendly refrigerant


Recirculating Chillers Cutting

High precise laser cutting technique


Recirculating Chillers Quality Check

Test all functions


Recirculating Chillers Package

Thickened package case


Recirculating Chillers Delivery

Worldwide delivery for clients

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Download Catalog

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Recirculating Chillers Complete Guide

What Is Recirculating Chillers?


The recirculating chiller is one of the lab scientific instruments work with rotary evaporators and glass reactors.

Recirculating Chiller is a cooling water equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure.

The function of Recirculating Chiller is to take away the heat generated by other equipment through relatively low temperature water, so as to keep the temperature of the equipment part at a level required for production.

Recirculating chillers is suitable for chemical, biological and physical testing experiments that need to maintain low temperature conditions.

What Are The Types Of Recirculating Chillers?

You can find different types of recirculating chillers in the market.

The main classification of recirculating chillers is depend on the temperature range.

If you want to choose a suitable recirculating chillers, you need to check its temperature range and cooling capacity.

How Does Recirculating Chillers Work?


The principle of the Recirculating Chiller is to first inject a certain amount of water into the water tank in the machine, and then cool the water through the refrigeration system of the small circulating water cooler.

The low-temperature cooling water is then sent to the equipment to be cooled by the water pump, and the chilled water of the small circulating water cooler takes away the heat and then returns to the water tank after the temperature rises to achieve cooling.

The cooling water temperature can be automatically adjusted according to the requirements, and the long-term use can save water.


How to Choose Recirculating Chillers?


Here is the truth:

The recirculating chiller can be used in combination with glass reactor, rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze-drying box, circulating water vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer and other instruments.

It has the function of providing low-temperature liquid and low-temperature water bath.

Here we list the main tips when choosing recirculating chiller.

Confirm the Temperature Range for Recirculating Chiller

This is easy to understand.

Different experiment test require different temperature.

As the main function of recirculating chiller is to cool down temperature.

The lower the temperature, the higher the recirculating chiller price will be.

Matching Equipment For Recirculating Chiller


You can combine Recirculating Chiller with different laboratory equipment such as glass reactor and rotavap, etc.

If you want to use it with a glass reactor, you need to confrim refrigerant for the jacket of the kettle body or to connect the condenser for condensation collection.

The Volume of Coolant for Recirculating Chiller

The larger the volume of coolant, the more coolant is installed, so the amount of cooling is greater, and its price is relatively expensive.

Recirculating Chiller Application Environment

This is important for the choice on recirculating chiller.

If the application environment is corrosive, you need to use a stainless steel cabinet for recirculating chiller and pay higher price.

How to Operate Recirculating Chillers?


Are you wondering how to operate the Recirculating Chiller for your application?

Here we list the main procedures to help you operate it easily.

Confirm the Electrical System for Recirculating Chiller

Before entering the operation of the low-temperature coolant circulation pump, pay attention to make sure that the power supply and plug-in are properly fixed.

This is Important to ensure you run the reaction in a safe way.

The Height of the liquid medium should not lower than the platen


When adding liquid medium to work, pay attention to the height of the liquid level not lower than 2cm of the platen.

This could make sure the Recirculating Chiller work smoothly.

Turn Off Recirculating Chiller If Something Goes Wrong

After above steps are done, Recirculating Chiller start working.

You can turn on the switch and the Recirculating Chiller will enter the working state within about 5 minutes.

You need to check if something goes wrong during the period, it should be closed in time if there is anything unnormal.

Functions of some buttons on the Recirculating Chiller

When the Recirculating Chiller is in the temperature control state, the “L1” symbol will be displayed at the measured value position of the instrument.

At this time, you can press the increase and decrease keys to adjust the temperature value you need.

When the Recirculating Chiller is in the timing state, the “L2” symbol is displayed at the measured value position of the instrument.

At this time, you can press the increase and decrease keys to adjust the working time you need.

What is the Recirculating Chiller Advantage?


The function of the Recirculating Chiller is to take away the heat generated by the instrument through relatively low temperature water, so as to keep the temperature of the instrument part at a lower level.

Due to the unstable water pressure of the tap water and more rust that blocks the tiny tubes, the normal operation of the machine is affected.

The contradiction of water shortage is becoming more and more prominent, and the equipment has more and more requirements for the water quality and temperature of the cooling water.

Here are the Recirculating Chiller advantages:

  • Recirculating Chiller can save a lot of valuable water resources.
  • The Recirculating Chiller uses deionized water or distilled water, which will not produce scale in the waterway of the instrument and equipment.
  • This can prolong the service life of the experiement equipment and improve the stability of its measurement.
  • Recirculating Chiller can adjust the temperature of cooling water arbitrarily.

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