Quality Assurance

Following international standards, we use high-end inspection equipment and strict quality control to monitor the service life, durability and functionality of our entire product line.

We Put Quality First

In putting quality first, GWSI assures you that every product delivered has undergone strict quality assessment. This way, we follow through with our compliance to ISO9001 and CE certification and gain your market’s confidence in our quality.

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How We Implement Quality Inspection

Using imported inspection equipment, we accurately determine the strength and durability of our products. From appearance to functionality, our products are tested before packaging.


Through a series of tests, we identify any weaknesses on our components and products and modify them according to your requirements.

Glass Quality Test

Ensuring there are no surface flaws, such as blistering, contamination, lumps, and scratches before manufacturing or delivery.

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Pressure Test

Measuring the maximum capacity of our products means that we look into their strength and how they prevent leakage.

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Sealing Performance Test

Conducting this test allows us to determine how our products are protected from scratches and easily contain liquids.

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Operation Performance Test

Testing how long our products' functions under extreme conditions reveals their overall service life and how we can optimize its durability.

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Our Quality Commitment

With 18 years of ISO9001 and CE certification, GWSI maintains international standards in quality management. Regularly maintaining hygiene in our processes, we guarantee that all raw materials and components have tested for their safety. GWSI stands for the top-class quality.

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