GWSI team is detail-oriented when creating our rotary evaporators, glass reactors, temperature control, and vacuum pumps. We implement a strict quality control process to ensure we comply with ISO, CE and other global standards.

How Are Rotary Evaporators Made

In manufacturing our rotary evaporator, we ensure the moving components function normally and without obstruction to its movement. Inspections are done on the condition of the surface and electrical parts of our equipment.

  • Parts assembly

    We put together the housing unit of the evaporators that will serve to hold other smaller part.
  • Electrical part assembly, bath assembly

    We connect the water bath, wiring, and other parts of the evaporator.
  • Glass assembly installation

    We connect the flasks, condenser, and other glass components of the evaporator to the housing.
  • Performance and electrical safety test

    The rotation performance and electrical components are inspected. Our engineers also ensure the vacuum performance of the flask can reach 0.002MPa.
  • Packing and shipping

    We dismantle the evaporators to properly place each component in the packaging and ship it out to customer
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  • Electrical Parts
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  • Performance Test
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How Are Glass Reactors Made

Production of our glass reactors calls for checking on the vacuum and heating capability of the equipment once the necessary parts are connected. Our team also looks for possible damages that can fully compromise the instrument as they assemble the parts.

  • Frame Assembly

    We connect the pipe fitting and other components that will house the flasks of our equipment.
  • Assembly of the whole machine

    The flasks, drain port, stirrer, condenser, and other glass components are connected to the frame.
  • Performance test

    Our engineers conduct a complete performance test to see if it can reach the right temperature and vacuum environment.
  • Packing and shipping

    We prepare the glass reactor for packaging by cleaning each component before packing and storing them.
  • glass reactor
  • glass reactor
  • Performance Test 1
  • shipping

How Are Temperature Control Units Made

Our engineers manufacture temperature control units from carefully screened raw materials. Upon assembly of the equipment, we thoroughly check its performance in heating or cooling a glass vessel.

  • Parts assembly

    We put together the housing, compressor, condenser, and other base components during this step.
  • Manufacture of the liquid storage tank

    The tank that will hold the Freon is constructed within the temperature control unit.
  • Circulation pipeline production and welding

    We manufacture and weld the pipes that will circulate the Freon or liquid from the tank onto the temperature control unit.
  • Vacuum test, and leak detection

    The tests include the use of halogen to quickly find any compromised component of the temperature control unit.
  • Shell installation, packaging and shipping

    We perform a thorough check on the performance and surface conditions before packaging and shipping.
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How Are Vacuum Pumps Made

Diaphragm and vacuum pumps are manufactured under strict quality control system. QC staff examine each step during manufacturing to ensure quality vacuum pumps.

  • Parts assembly

    We put together the housing, switches, filters, valves, pumps, and other components.
  • Vacuum test, and leak detection

    The vacuum pump is tested at a certain temperature to make sure the best performance.
  • Packing and shipping

    Vacuum pumps are cleaned and carefully checked before packaging and shipping.
  • Parts Assembly 1
  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Pack and Ship

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