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    GWSI Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

    GWSI Diaphragm Vacuum Pump is entirely oil-free operation, just plug and play. You can get reliability and durability in GWSI diaphragm technology.
    GWSI Diaphragm Vacuum Pump price is affordable for both laboratory and industrial applications. GWSI can help you select the most suitable Diaphragm Vacuum pump either for your laboratory or your pilot plant.

    MP-201 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

    GWSI MP-201 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump is easy to move and require less space to save area.

    Main Data

    • Ultimate Vacuum: 50mbar
    • Pumping Speed: 25l/min
    • Motor Power: 180W
    • Inlet Diameter : ∅10*∅6mm

    MP-301E Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

    GWSI MP-301E Diaphragm Vacuum Pump feature in Environmental friendly and save water.

    Main Data

    • Ultimate Vacuum: 65mbar
    • Pumping Speed: 40l/min
    • Motor Power: 180W
    • Inlet Diameter : ∅10*∅6.5mm

    MP-401 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

    Special air inlet separation bottle to prevent solid particles and liquid moisture enter the pump body.

    Main Data

    • Ultimate Vacuum: 50mbar
    • Pumping Speed: 45l/min
    • Motor Power: 300W
    • Inlet Diameter : ∅10*∅6.5mm

    Your Premium Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Manufacturer

    GWSI is one of the earliest lab equipment manufacturing companies with 34 years experience. Our Diaphragm Vacuum Pump is a superior vacuum pump. GWSI engineers select superior materials for the Diaphragm Vacuum Pump to withstand different applications.

    GWSI can supply users with the complete one-stop solution. You can save much cost and time on sourcing scientific equipment. GWSI provide Rotary Evaporators, Glass Reactors, Vacuum Pumps and more to support your need.

    Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Manufacturing

    GWSI owns one of the finest scientific equipment factories in China. We have 230+ skilled workers and product design, development, program, and support engineers. GWSI has 112+ Invention patents and utility model patents.

    GWSI has 24/7 after-sales support service. Our dedicated support engineers are always ready to help our clients worldwide.

    Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Quality Control

    GWSI QC team runs tests on your Diaphragm Vacuum Pump on each manufacturing step.

    GWSI test Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps quality according to national standards and industry standards to ensure its quality. Our dedicated quality control team consists of highly experienced engineers with an industrial background.

    GWSI Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Manufacturing Capacity To Support Your Need


    Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Workshop

    Advanced workshop for vacuum pump


    Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Processing

    CNC machine for precise process


    Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Assembly

    Skillful worker assemble vacuum pump


    Diaphragm Vacuum Pump QC

    Inspect quality by multi tools


    Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Package

    Fumigation free wooden box


    Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Delivery

    Deliver with International forwarder company

    Download Catalog
    Download Catalog

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    What is Diaphragm Vacuum Pump?


    Diaphragm vacuum pump is one of the necessary laboratory equipments used to create vacuum conditions. 

    You can use diaphragm vacuum pump with Glass Reactors and Rotary Evaporators in small space as diaphragm vacuum pump require very little area.

    Diaphragm vacuum pump can work without water and oil so it is very environmental.

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