Cannabis Distillation Equipment for High-Quality Extracts


Indeed, the cannabis sector is evolving so fast that there is a great need for unadulterated and potent extracts. This has made cannabis distillation apparatus an indispensable tool in creating high-quality productions. In this blog post, we are going to discuss about the world of cannabis distillation. Some of the things we shall highlight include; major characteristics that make a good system, various types of equipment and how these technologies can be merged into your extraction process. Whether you are a novice processor or an established one, comprehending cannabis distillation is fundamental to achieving victory in this stiff market.

Recently it was reported that the global market value for Cannabis extracts was at USD 7.3 billion in 2019 while the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during 2020-2027 will be around 16.6%. High quality pure and consistent marijuana extracts are becoming increasingly sought after by consumers leading to this expansion. These attributes can be achieved using advanced distillation techniques.

What is Cannabis Distillation?

The process that refines crude extracts to make them highly potent and pure refers to cannabis distillation. After extraction, the crude extract is purified through this process. In this process, the extract is heated until it reaches its boiling point. Then, these vapors are being cooled down and turned into liquid again. This step is repeated several times. Each pass further purifies the extract and removes impurities.

Cannabis distillation’s primary aim is to segregate THC and CBD as well as other compounds from the extract. By controlling temperature, pressure among other parameters processors can create distillates with 99% concentration of cannabinoids. High purity levels are essential when making edibles, tinctures or vape cartridges for high-quality cannabis products.

Distillation also rids unwanted substances such as chlorophyll, lipids or any other plant materials present in the solution impurities that may affect the flavor, aroma or quality of end product negatively. Processors can develop high-grade cannabis products that stand out in a competitive market by producing a clean, pure and potent distillate.

Key Features of High-Quality Cannabis Distillation Systems

To ensure you get the best equipment for cannabis distillation then some of these key features must be available:

Efficiency and Throughput Rates

High-quality cannabis distillation equipment should aim at maximizing efficiency and throughput rates. Systems with large capacities, short processing times and that can handle various feed materials should be considered while looking for high-quality systems.Effective plants enable you to process more materials within less time thus reducing costs hence higher profits.

Automation and Control Systems

For consistent results which are of high quality one should acquire advanced automation as well as control systems.Look for distilling equipment with accurate temperature regulation,vacuum control,and monitoring capacities.These properties allow you to adjust your method when conducting distillation therefore getting optimum results every time.

Material Compatibility and Durability

Since cannabis extracts can be corrosive to equipment, you need to select distillation systems that are made of robust and high-quality materials. Most cannabis distillation equipment is made with either borosilicate glass or stainless steel as the former can resist corrosion, is easy to clean and it can withstand high temperatures and pressure points. If you invest in durable equipment then it allows your organization to avoid costly repairs and downtimes hence guaranteeing smooth operations thereby increasing profitability.

Efficiency and Throughput RatesLarge capacity, short processing time, reduces costs, and increases profits.
Automation and Control SystemsPrecise temperature regulation, vacuum control, and monitoring for consistent, high-quality results.
Material Compatibility and DurabilityUses corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean, high-temperature materials like borosilicate glass or stainless steel to ensure durability and reduce downtime.
Features of Cannabis Distillation Systems

Types of Cannabis Distillation Equipment

Cannabis distillation equipment comes in several ways. Each type has its own benefits and applications. The following are some of the most common sorts:

Wiped Film Distillation

This is a continuous process. The wiper used in wiped film distillation is rotated while it is heated, spreading out a thin layer of crude cannabis extract on the walls of an evaporator that assumes the shape of a cylinder. Evaporation takes place as this extract gets heated; thus, resulting into the desired products being collected at the condenser point where they are then stored. It processes huge volumes of cannabis oil fast and it works well.

Short Path Distillation

It uses a short distance between vaporization and condensation during distilling vapors in batches. Small scale production operations can use this approach effectively because it manufactures pure distilled products with very little thermal degradation.

Molecular Distillation

The molecular weights determine how compounds are separated by molecular distillation under high-vacuum conditions. This method is ideal for producing ultra-pure distillates. Such include pharmaceutical grade CBD oil among other top-quality cannabis products created using this technique. Purification and cannabis extraction benefit much from this approach as it ensures better results.

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Rotary Evaporation in Cannabis Processing

Cannabis extraction is incomplete without rotary evaporation, also known as “rotovap.” It is particularly important for producing high-quality extracts from cannabis. As a result of this process, processors have been able to extract and concentrate valuable compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes better than ever before. Under vacuum and mild heat, rotary evaporation requires the elimination of solvents in cannabis extracts leading to a cleaner more potent end product.

The process begins when the cannabis extract/solvent blend gets put into a rotating flask for rotovap. During rotation, the flask creates a layer of mixture along its inner wall. This increases the area available for evaporation thereby allowing more effective separation. The pressure is reduced while applying gentle heat at the same time making it possible for solvent to evaporate at significantly lower temperatures because their boiling points are lowered by this combination. In order that precious cannabinoids and terpenes would be saved from the sensitive plant material of marijuana plant, this method was created.

Advantages of Using Rotary Evaporation for Cannabis

There are several benefits associated with using rotary evaporations in processing cannabis products. The first one is that they can remove solvents effectively from cannabis extracts at minimized costs. The boiling point of a solvent decreases under lower pressure conditions which helps to achieve gentle evaporation at much lower temperatures that safeguard the integrity or potency of cannabinoids & terpenes.

Furthermore, rotary evaporations provide high precision outcomes along with excellent control over evaporation speed by allowing processors to fine-tune it within specific limits to ensure desired concentration levels of cannabinoids/terpenes end products. By adjusting vacuum pressure, rotation speed or temperature processors may optimize their processes’ conditions according to their requirements. As far as production standards are concerned, this control is important for making superior quality cannabis extractions.

This method also leads to undiluted products. Reduced pressure minimizes exposure to oxidation and contaminants upon cannabis which would have otherwise occurred in the presence of oxygen. Narrow evaporation ensures that only specific terpenes and cannabinoids are obtained. In addition, solvent residues and impurities that reduce their quality are removed perfectly well. Hence, this implies that a very refined cannabis extract which is unadulterated with 100% purity is achieved.

Lastly, rotary evaporators have a lot of versatility and scalability. They can be used for small scale research or large-scale production. When your business expands, you can upgrade your rotovap equipment to suit your rising demand of products. Therefore, whether large scale or small scale rotovaps are crucial in any size of cannabis processing firm due to its flexibility.

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Integrating Rotary Evaporation into Your Cannabis Distillation Process

The incorporation of rotary evaporation in your distillation process is imperative in producing top-notch cannabis extracts. The rotovap can be employed to eliminate solvents prior to distilling, thus giving you an enhanced raw material that will ultimately produce a final product with high purity.

  • Incorporating rotary evaporation into your operation requires the following considerations:
  • Select a rotovap which has a large size and quality components. This will ensure that it works efficiently and reliably.
  • Ensure optimum parameters for evaporation such as temperature, vacuum pressure, rotation speed etc so as to yield the best results for your specific extract.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of your rotovap is important in maintaining contamination free apparatus and consistent operations.

Look no further than GWSI if you are searching for reliable suppliers of rotary evaporators and other crucial equipment for cannabis distillation. They provide various high-quality rotary evaporators, cold traps, glass reactors, temperature control units and vacuum pumps. These are designed to simplify your distillation process therefore expanding your ventures. Additionally, GWSI’s range of CE certified rotary evaporators comes in different sizes ranging from 1 through 50 liters making them fit any scale operation with efficient mixing capabilities.

Source: GWSI Rotary Evaporators


The need for pure and potent extracts keeps growing as the cannabis industry expands. Investing in cutting-edge machinery like rotary evaporator along with other sophisticated cannabis distillation equipment allows one to manufacture high-end products demanded by today’s consumers.

It does not matter if you use wiped film distillation, short path distillation, molecular distillation or any combination thereof; it is important to understand their main features and applications. Being up-to-date with new developments in processing and Cannabis Distilling might position your company for long-term success within an exciting industry like this one.


Can distillation equipment also purify CBD and other cannabinoids?

Of course, cannabis distillation apparatus is capable of purifying varied cannabinoids involving CBD, THC and CBG. By regulating factors such as temperature and pressure with caution, processors are able to manipulate specific cannabinoids. As a result, this leads to the production of highly pure and concentrated distillates.

Most manufacturers employ distillation for producing high purity CBD distillate which forms the essential ingredient in products like tinctures, edibles as well as topicals. It is sought after because of its strong effects, flexibility in use and absence of impurities that are critical in the CBD-based wellness market.

What are the key factors in maintaining the quality of extracts through distillation?

Several key factors maintain highest quality during cannabis extraction through distillation.

Temperature Control: Accurate maintenance of correct temperature control is required for preservation purposes. This will help keep these compounds that can easily degrade due to heat such as terpene or cannabinoid intact. Overheating may lead to thermal degradation and eventual loss of potency; under heating leads to incomplete separation leading to low purity.

Vacuum Pressure: Distilling usually takes place in a vacuum condition to lower boiling points of desired compounds. Therefore gentle process is achieved thus reducing thermal stress. For better results; steady vacuum pressures must be maintained at all times.

Feed Material Quality: The quality of feed or starting material affects final product quality from the distillate point of view. In order for there to be a more efficient method of carrying out a process using less time so as to obtain high purity end product it is important for good feed materials processed properly should be used.

Equipment Maintenance: Regular cleanup, servicing and calibration of apparatus used for purification via fractionalization are important aspects when it comes their functions consistency and not letting them get contaminated by other substances leading to indefinite outcomes due failure in maintenance may affect efficiency levels while also lowering refine quality and it will even reach a point where equipment fails.

By managing these factors, processors can ensure that their marijuana distillation machines yield extracts that are of the best quality at all times.

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